Welcome to Davisville Care Programme Inc.

A bit about us

Davisville Care Programme Inc. (DCP) has been part of the community for over 42 years, as a before and after care program. We are a non-profit childcare centre that is operated by a Board of Directors consisting of parents from our childcare centre. We are located in the same building as Davisville Public School.

We offer a kindergarten and school-age before and after care program. DCP is currently working to expand our program to offer our community infant, toddler, and preschool programs.

Our team is founded by Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE), Early Childhood Assistants (ECA) and Student Volunteers. 

Our approach

Davisville Care Programme Inc. (DCP) is a Centre that offers a positive and safe environment that nurtures children socially, emotionally, cognitively and physically, while encouraging the development of self-motivated and independent children. DCP will ensure that each child receives the tools and support they need for a healthy development.

Davisville Care Programme Inc.’s curriculum approach is based on the use of Early Learning for Every Child Today (ELECT) and How Does Learning Happen? as a framework for planning daily programs. All activities are carefully planned to adequately develop the social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth of the children. Through promoting situations and hands-on learning opportunities, children are free to develop into bright young minds. Our team of RECEs and ECAs are committed in providing stimulating and creative programs while being flexible and adaptable to the children’s need.

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